Conversations with Kerry
Random musings from Kerry Hoath
18 days ago

E21 ADHD and me the journey begins.

A discussion of my ADHD journey

2 months ago

E20 My Third Computer

My first personal computer that I owned in 1993

3 months ago

E19 Life update and podcast future

This is a life update and discussion of the future of the podcast.

4 months ago

E18 Audio and microphones chat Part 1 with Derek Lane

We discuss a little about the beginnings of our experiences with audio and a little about choosing a microphone.

4 months ago

E17 discussing TV Dinners

I discuss TV Dinners and cook one on the podcast

5 months ago

E16 Kerry's Early childhood with Kerry and his Mother

In this episode we discuss my early childhood and birth with my mother.

6 months ago

E15 Alicia Doc and Kerry Fun With Hypnosis

In this episode I discuss and demonstrate hypnosis with two guests

7 months ago

E14 Hannah Introduction to polyamory

In this episode we talk about Hannah's introduction to Polyamory

9 months ago

E13 Introduction to Cryptocurrency

An introduction and discussion of cryptocurrency and why it is so popular

9 months ago

E12 Christmas in Australia 2020

A brief discussion of what Christmas in Australia looks like in 2020